Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Brussels (Belgium)

The theme of the 2019 IMI Stakeholder forum is ’Brain health and disease in the digital era – 2020 & beyond’

As the digital revolution drives changes in every aspect of our lives, it is also entering into the mainstream of brain health research. Advances in digital health technologies are allowing us to acquire and handle big biological data, and to mine this data with computational tools at an unprecedented level.

At the same time, healthcare is shifting from reactive treatment and care to prevention, while patients are taking an increasingly active role in managing their health. Alongside these trends, mobile, sensing and wearable technologies are developing a whole range of new digital brain health solutions that are helping patients to gain greater insights into their health and report their experiences, while allowing better monitoring by clinicians.

We will explore ways of building IMI Call topics that converge around this relatively new space and which could open up new channels where fresh voices and minds will join established players in the field to solve one of the biggest healthcare challenges of this century.

For this event, IMI will bring together European academics, representatives of multiple industry sectors (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, digital, imaging), patient groups, clinicians, regulators, legal experts, ethicists and health economists to discuss how we could develop game-changing initiatives in this area.


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