From 25/10/2021 to 29/10/2021


Green open data is an essential resource to meet the objectives of the Green Deal, including those related to climate change, the circular economy, pollution, biodiversity and deforestation. Data can enable the development of environmentally friendly transport and energy systems, as well as greener and more sustainable cities.

The public availability and access to environmental data increase the transparency of political, industrial and financial decisions, enhance trust and make all actors accountable to steer for a fair and inclusive green transition that will strengthen environmental democracy. Bringing such data together in a EU common data space will fuel actionable insights and applications that increase the effectiveness of our policies, guide consumers and producers towards more sustainable choices and reduce the costs of the transition.

Being at the end of its implementation roadmap, this 360° track will look back on the past implementation of INSPIRE and dwell on the major findings of the evaluation of the INSPIRE Directive. Packed with experience and lessons learned from the past, the discussion will be opened on how to transform the INSPIRE Directive to a data sharing instrument that will fuel the EU common data space with green open data.


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