Your website needs a serious facelift? You can’t manage your customer relations anymore? Do you feel like your business is disorganized?

If one or more of these situations sound familiar to you, then the Fit 4 Digital Packages program set up by the Luxembourg government could provide you with concrete answers.

Fit 4 Digital Packages is a digitalization aid for very small businesses, allowing them to quickly implement the digital solutions they need to grow.

What is Fit 4 Digital Packages?

  • A pre-analysis of your needs and a neutral accompaniment by the digitalization service of the House of Entrepreneurship;
  • 3 packages to choose from to help you in your digital project:
    • Digital Marketing, to (re)make your website or use social networks to your advantage;
    • CRM, to help you better manage your customer relationships;
    • Organization Management, specialized software for different professions (HORECA, Architecture, trade and craft)
  • The expertise of service providers approved by Luxinnovation;
  • Public assistance from the Ministry of the Economy to cover part of the costs incurred.

Who can participate in Fit 4 Digital Packages?

To be eligible, a company must:

  • Be classified as a “small company” according to the criteria of the European Union, i.e. cumulatively employ 50 FTEs at most on the Luxembourg territory and have an annual turnover or a balance sheet lower than 10 million euros
  • Not carry out an activity excluded from general SME aid by the regulations
  • Have a valid business permit issued by the Ministry of Middle Classes (or the SME and Entrepreneurship Directorate of the Ministry of the Economy)

Fit 4 Digital Packages, how does it work?

1) Contact the digitalization service of the House of Entrepreneurship

– Test your digital maturity via the Digital Checkup;
– Discuss your project with a consultant from the House of Entrepreneurship’s digitalization service;
– Choose the package that meets your needs (Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Management), and select one of the Luxinnovation approved providers;
– Complete your application with the help of a House of Entrepreneurship digitalization consultant;
– Luxinnovation receives and reviews your application.

2) When your application is validated by Luxinnovation

– Send your validated request to the Ministry of the Economy
– The implementation of the services provided in the chosen package can start
– At the end of the project, a final interview allows you to complete an evaluation questionnaire
– The payment of the public subsidy is then made

Frequently asked questions about Fit 4 Digital Packages

How do I choose my Fit 4 Digital Packages provider?
Your House of Entrepreneurship digitalization consultant will be happy to help you with this process.

What is the investment in Fit 4 Digital Packages for my company?
The packages are invoiced between 6.650€ and 10.000€ excluding VAT by the approved providers. After deduction of the 5.000€ fixed price aid granted by the Ministry of the Economy, you will have between 1.650€ and 5.000€ to finance yourself.

How long does a Fit 4 Digital Packages project last?
Depending on the Package chosen, the project lasts on average between 3 and 8 months.

When can I participate in Fit 4 Digital Packages?
The Fit 4 Digital Packages program is open on an ongoing basis. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.”


Participate in Fit 4 Digital Packages!