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21 > 23 November 2017

SPACE week 2017

Rome (IT)

Established in 2013 with the aim of promoting opportunities offered by the European Commission under the space Horizon 2020 programme, the 3rd edition of the SPACE Week 2017 will aim to provide new opportunities and competitive advantages in science and technology for the participants. Read more

21 > 22 November 2017

Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days

Noordwijk (Pays-Bas)

The Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days are an event for European Industry and ESA technical experts to showcase their work in developing advanced technology for Space missions Read more

21 November 2017


Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The subject of this year's conference "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence change the Logistics Landscape" covers the important trends that will deeply transform production and services in the next years. Artificial intelligence, robotics and Industry 4.0 will impact logistics processes as well and in order to get a better understanding of the changes, experts from the field will give an overview of what is to come. Read more

21 November 2017

Stratégie de protection par le brevet

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

L’IPIL GIE propose en coopération avec l’Office de la Propriété Intellectuelle du Ministère de l’économie un cycle de formation à la Propriété Intellectuelle. Read more

21 November 2017

Séance d’information pour les membres oai "Luxinnovation - your trusted partner for business"

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Luxinnovation et l’OAI vous invitent à la séance d’information qui aura lieu mardi, le 21 novembre 2017 de 16h à 18h au siège OAI - Forum da Vinci. Read more

21 November 2017


Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

En Mai 2018 le nouveau Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD / GDPR) impactera votre organisation, vos processus de gestion des données, la sous-traitance .... Read more