The competitiveness clusters Materalia (FR), MecaTech (BE), Skywin (BE) and the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster managed by Luxinnovation (LU) joined forces in order to promote technological collaborations between their members.

A series of webinars covering topics of mutual interest was organised over the past months. The objective was to boost the setting-up of R&D projects involving larges companies, SMEs and RTOs from our respective ecosystems in the Greater Region.

Links were established with relevant European and interregional funding opportunities (Era-Net, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, etc.).

“This initiative, which was launched in 2020 together with our partners in the Greater Region, is a first link in the web we are weaving to improve the competitiveness of local companies,” explains Caroline Muller, manager of the Materials & Manufacturing Cluster at Luxinnovation. “To do this, we rely on local skills that are easily accessible. Innovation is the driving force.”

Focus on the Horizon Europe programme

On 17 June, the final workshop concluded the series of 4 thematic events bringing the Greater Region players up to speed with the development of the Horizon Europe programme. The topics covered included materials, the digitalisation of manufacturing, the circular economy and bottom-up funding schemes.

This last event included a pitching session with 15 companies (including 7 from Luxembourg) presenting their interest in EU funding, as well as 3 interactive workshops on preidentified calls.

“This event was a good occasion for promoting collaborations under some specific calls for proposals of Cluster 4 of Horizon Europe that focuses on digital, industry and space,” comments Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, PhD, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation. “We focused on digitally enabled manufacturing, the circular economy, energy transition, and materials that are safe and sustainable by design. It is essential to identify areas of synergies, and key networks to take into consideration when preparing proposals.”

Deadline on 23 September

The current call for proposals of Horizon Europe Cluster 4 will end soon, since the deadline has been set for 23 September.

“So it is important to mobilise potential interested players,” underlines Mr Pozzi Mucelli. “We have to identify existing consortia being formed, formulate the value proposition of local players (who can take advantage of a detailed guidance), get in touch with other national contact points to validate project ideas and navigate the work programmes.”

Webinars – Replays

Innovate together – Advanced and sustainable by design-materials

Innovate together – Digitalisation and human-robot collaboration

Innovate Together: Circular economy & Energy transition in Industry


Innovate Together: European funding and bottom-up initiatives

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Digital, sustainable and human


Flash-back on the "phygital" session of the 4th Smart Manufacturing Week, which took stock of the challenges facing the industrial manufacturing sector.
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National GAIA-X hubs: the voice of local data ecosystems


Luxinnovation CEO Sasha Baillie was one of the speakers at the 2021 GAIA-X Summit, the annual event of this European initiative aimed at building a federated, secure European data infrastructure. Luxinnovation hosts Luxembourg’s national GAIA-X hub, and Ms Baillie shared her views on how the national hubs can connect local needs across Europe.
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Hosting a qualified researcher in your company with EU support


Would you be interested in hosting a qualified and fully funded researcher in your company or organisation and benefit from his or her academic knowledge and network? Luxinnovation offers you its support in identifying highly relevant candidates and training them in proposal writing to increase their chances of receiving funding from the European Commission. Submit your expression of interest by 17 December 2021.
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The manufacturing sector under the microscope


For the first time ever, a detailed mapping of the companies making up the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem has been drawn up.
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Blockchain in Industry 4.0 (3/3): Generating new industrial business models


Industry could benefit from blockchain in many ways. In this last article in a series of three on blockchain in industry 4.0, the L-DIH team at Luxinnovation looks into how blockchain could be used to create completely new business models in industry.
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