The Commission has published an updated EIC 2020 Work Programme , with relevant integrations both for Pathfinder (new budget, deadline and call text for FETPROACT-EIC-07-2020 and FETPROACT-EIC-08-2020), and Accelerator.

A one-off EIC Accelerator call for ‘green deal’

The updated 2020 Work Programme dedicates over €350 million under the EIC Accelerator pilot for start-ups and SMEs with breakthrough innovations addressing one or several Green Deal objectives, specifically concentrating on those innovations that fuel the societal transition towards sustainability, while supporting EU’s competitiveness and leadership in clean technologies.  The topic targets high-risk, high-potential small- and medium-sized enterprises (including start-ups) from any sector, provided that they contribute to one or more of the Green Deal goals.

All applicants submitting for the 19 May 2020 cut-off will need to demonstrate how their innovation contributes to the goals of The European Green Deal and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

SMEs can apply for grant financing of up to €2.5 million each and an additional equity investment of up to €15 million.

The 7 October 2020 cut-off for the EIC Accelerator Pilot will instead remain open to all innovations.

Woman innovators opportunities

The EIC Work Programme also includes a targeted measure for woman innovators. For the final two cut-offs of the EIC accelerator (May and October) the Commission will ensure that at least 25% of the SMEs and start-ups invited to the final interview phase of the selection process will be led by women as the CEO or equivalent position.

Business acceleration services and coaching

The EIC pilot offers free coaching, business acceleration services and mentoring to help your business scale up and grow. These are open to all small businesses that are EIC clients, simultaneously to their grant.

Coaching covers business development, organisational development, cooperation, and financing. SMEs taking part in EIC Accelerator, FTI or Pathfinder are offered up to 12 coaching-days.

The Accelerator Green Deal Call are available from the Funding and Tenders Portal. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, Senior Advisor, European R&D and innovation support.

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Public consultation on the Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call


The European Commission is launching a citizen consultation to help co-design the European Green Deal call. The European Green Deal call will help mobilise and shape research and innovation for the green and just transition of the European Union.
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Solutions for rapid improvements in understanding, mitigating and responding to the pandemic


The European Commission (EC) has launched several Research and Innovation actions through its main research framework Horizon 2020 to address the COVID-19 crisis.
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Eureka Calls 2020


Luxembourg is participating this year in three Eureka calls for projects as a funding country. The calls are based on mutual agreement between the participating funding bodies.
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European Defence Industrial Development Programme


The European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) amounts for € 500 million for 2019-2020.
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Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency open calls: Support for applications


In order to support the application of energy efficiency topics, the European Commission has gathered video briefings explaining in detail each of the 10 topics of the open Call for Proposals 2020.
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