FDI performance index LuxembourgA study by fDi Intelligence reveals which countries outperform their size when it comes to generating greenfield foreign direct investment (FDI). Greenfield FDI data used in the index is derived from fDi Markets, and excludes retail investments. The 2017 index had 92 countries. To be included in the index, a country must have received at least 10 greenfield FDI projects in 2017.

Luxembourg leads the field in Western Europe

Luxembourg tops the western European regional index. The country received a record number of greenfield FDI projects in 2017, which positively impacted its index score, beating Ireland, which was regional leader in 2016. Just under 40% of all greenfield FDI projects into Luxembourg in 2017 were in the financial service sector.

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Luxembourg ranks high in 2019 Index of Economic Freedom


Luxembourg ranks 9th in Europe and 17th in the world in the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage Foundation. The country ranks particularly high for fiscal health, investment freedom, trade freedom and government integrity.
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Luxembourg 9th most liveable city for European expats


The ranking take into account criteria such as accommodation, infrastructure, personal security and health services.
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Luxembourg is the 4th most globalised economy


The country also ranks high in social globalisation in the index of globalisation recently published by ETH Zürich.
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Luxembourg top ranked for global talent competitiveness


Luxembourg ranks 10th in the world for its capacity to grow, attract and retain talents.
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Luxembourg ranks 3rd for small city of the future


Luxembourg follows closely behind Zürich and Belfast in this ranking established by the fDi intelligence division of the Financial Times.
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