The aim of this webinar series is to bringing you advanced knowledge on the different thematic covered by the research and innovation funding programme Horizon Europe.

Webinar series

  • Getting started in HE funding for newcomers – Companies (focus on EIC, MSCA, cascading grants) – 28 January 2021, 10:00 – Watch the replay

This webinar will focus on straightforward funding opportunities under Horizon Europe, with a focus on companies that are new to the European funding programmes.

This webinar will focus on climate-neutral circular and bioeconomy transitions. We will cover a wide range of application, such as material flows and product value chains, such as the textile, electronics, plastics and construction sectors, as well as key bioeconomy sectors such as sustainable bio-based systems, sustainable forestry, small-scale rural bio-based solutions, and aquatic value chains.

  • Financing early career researchers (MSCA Doctoral networks, Postdoc fellowships, COFUND) – 4 February 2021, 10:00 – Watch the replay

This webinar will focus on straightforward funding opportunities under Horizon Europe, with a focus on companies that are new to the European funding programmes.

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don’t. If you understood this joke, one of the topics that we will address in this webinar will be for you. Align with the priority of Luxembourg, this webinar will map the topics centered on extreme data analytics, big data, data mining, data management. The EU landscape for the data-related R&I activities will be presented.

  • Digital Transformation for industry and process – 9 February, 10:00 – Watch the replay

Horizon Europe is merging digital and industry in the same work programme. What better place to find topics on industry 4.0 and beyond, advanced technologies for manufacturing and processes, Digital Innovation Hubs.

  •  Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon Europe (Cluster 2 & SSH integration) – 11 February, 10:00 – Watch the replay

The webinar will focus on the Cluster 2 work programme of HE as well as illustrating that SSH research has a role to play across the Horizon Europe programme. The webinar will aim for creating better understanding of the logic behind the topics and the aims of the Cluster 2.

AI is everywhere! That applies also for Horizon Europe. The opportunities for R&I activities on AI are diverse and transversal, everywhere in Horizon Europe. In this webinar, beyond the mapping the AI related topics in Horizon Europe, the current EU landscape for R&I activities and the first steps toward successfully joining them.

  • Towards sustainable agriculture and food system – 16 February, 10:00 – Watch the replay

This webinar will focus on the transition to sustainable agriculture and food system. We will cover topics ranging from organic farming, the whole food value chain to digital and data technologies applied to agriculture.

  • Financing deep-tech innovation (EIC Pathfinder, Transition, Accelerator) – 18 February, 10:00 – Watch the replay

Building on the experience of the EIC Pilot in H2020, Horizon Europe will see the full deployment of a range of tools to support and nurture deep tech innovation in Europe: the EIC Pathfinder for advanced research to develop the scientific basis to underpin breakthrough technologies; the EIC Transition to validate technologies developed in Pathfinder projects and develop business plans for specific applications; and the EIC Accelerator to support companies (SMEs, start-ups, spin-outs and in exceptional cases small mid-caps) to bring their innovations to market and scale up to market leadership.

The webinar will focus on the Cluster 5 Energy part as well as giving hints where other energy related topics can be found. The aim is to give an understanding of the logic and policies behind the Energy topics and what to keep in mind when building your projects.

This webinar will focus on the ERC funding opportunities for young or established principal investigators working on breakthrough projects.

This webinar will focus on eHealth or digital health funding opportunities under Horizon Europe, spanning the health and digital work programmes on topics such as AI for healthcare, smart devices, electronic health records and other health data, decision support applications and more.

  • Tackling climate change & environmental challenges – 09 March, 10:00 – Watch the replay

The webinar will cover relevant parts of the Cluster 5 Climate part as well as Cluster 6 environment part.

This webinar will focus on health and care related topics under Horizon Europe, with a focus on the non Digital Health topics (another webinar has covered this topic). These calls are relevant for the entire innovation chain, from basic research to hospitals and other end users.

The webinar will cover relevant parts of the Cluster 5 Climate part as well as Cluster 6 environment part.

  • Citizen Science & European Research Area – 23 March, 10:00 – Watch the replay

The European Research Area is a key component of Horizon Europe. It builds on the concept of citizen science, including Ethics, Science Education, Open Science, Gender equality and more.

  • Space opportunities in Horizon Europe (Cluster 4) –  29 April, 14:00 – Watch the replay

The Horizon Europe webinar on Space opportunities in Cluster 4 will explore how Horizon Europe will providing support with R&I funding to the EU space sector at large and how it will make a specific impact with the EU action with R&I to prepare the future evolutions of the Space programme components, with a focus on open strategic autonomy in developing, deploying and using global space-based infrastructures, services, applications and data.

  • Software, trust, privacy and cybersecurity (Next Generation internet) – 06 May, 10:00 – Watch the replay

Many digital technologies are transversal and can be find in all the structure of Horizon Europe. In this webinar, we will adress the transversal topics related to the Next Generation Initiative: digital privacy, cybersecurity, cloud computing…

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Hosting a qualified researcher in your company with EU support


Would you be interested in hosting a qualified and fully funded researcher in your company or organisation and benefit from his or her academic knowledge and network? Luxinnovation offers you its support in identifying highly relevant candidates and training them in proposal writing to increase their chances of receiving funding from the European Commission. Submit your expression of interest by 17 December 2021.
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European Commission publishes first Digital Europe Programme calls


The Commission has adopted three work programmes for the Digital Europe Programme, outlining the objectives and specific topic areas that will receive a total of €1.98 billion in funding. This first set of work programmes includes strategic investments that will be instrumental in realising the Commission's goals in making this Europe's Digital Decade.
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Differdange focuses on sustainable food


With the support of Luxinnovation, the City of Differdange has joined the European FUSILLI project aimed at addressing the challenges of food system transformation.
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Funding opportunity from KITT4SME


KITT4SME (platform-enabled KITs of arTificial intelligence FOR an easy uptake by SMEs) targets European SMEs and mid-caps to provide them with scope-tailored and industry-ready hardware, software and organisational kits, delivered as modularly customisable digital platform, that seamlessly introduce artificial intelligence in their production systems.
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New European Bauhaus: Creating the sustainable living spaces of tomorrow


The New European Bauhaus initiative invites all Europeans to be part of imagining and sustainable, affordable, high-quality living spaces and of building them together. Combining funding from Horizon Europe and other EU programmes, it provides financial support to innovative ideas and products.
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