Ms Alaranta, what are the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes?

“Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s current framework programme for research and innovation. It covers the period 2014-2020. Next year its successor, Horizon Europe, will be launched and will run until 2027. Both programmes aim to support research and innovation activities in Europe.

They provide funding for a range of activities, from basic research to the development of innovative products. There is a particular emphasis on collaboration, for example cooperation between industry and science across national borders. Researchers or companies that innovate can also obtain individual support.

The priorities of Horizon 2020 were to increase the EU’s competitiveness, support growth and create jobs. With Horizon Europe, the fight against climate change and the achievement of the UN’s sustainable development goals are added to these priorities.”

What is the role of Luxinnovation in this context?

“We are the national contact point for these programmes. This means that we provide support to those who wish to participate. This concerns research organisations, companies or any other type of eligible organisations. We offer different types of support: finding the best match between an idea and a support mechanism; identifying potential partners; providing legal and financial advice; or bringing our multidisciplinary skills to help the project move forward.”

What is the outcome of the Horizon 2020 programme for Luxembourg companies?

“Luxembourg participants have received almost €170 million for research and innovation projects and our success rate is well above the EU average. This year, 77 Luxembourg companies participated in the programme and received nearly €73 million for developing new ideas and promoting their innovations*.

In addition to the funding, participation in such projects proves a certain maturity and brings new connections and visibility. It also provides the opportunity to work on ideas that create new growth in the crucial areas that ultimately shape our societies and improve people’s lives.”

How can Luxembourg companies apply to Horizon Europe?

“They can apply either as partners in collaborative projects or as individual companies to a specific programme called “EIC Accelerator”, aimed at innovative SMEs. The programme offers companies many opportunities and roles in the collaborations they create. We are here to help them find the path that suits them best.”

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The advantages of waste heat


A workshop to be organised by Luxinnovation at the end of March on the theme of waste heat and its usage will help to better understand the enormous potential gains in terms of energy efficiency and profitability.
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75 days until the 2024 European Digital HealthTech Conference


Register for a unique conference exploring the challenges of bringing health technologies to the market and their solutions from 14 to 15 May 2024 in Luxembourg. A call for speakers is also open until 16 April.
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Official mission to Belgium


The mission to Belgium will take place from 16 to 18 April 2024. On the agenda: sectoral seminars and b2b meetings, networking opportunities and more. Register before 15 March.
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Study of Luxembourg energy transition research capacities


A recent analysis by Luxinnovation provides an overview of the capacities of Luxembourg’s public research organisations related to the energy transition.
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Innovation and research: The impact of EU-funded projects


A report highlights the significant contribution of the EU’s 2014-2020 funding programme Horizon 2020 to implementing EU policies and addressing societal needs.
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