Present yourselfOn 23rd October at the Musée National des Mines de Fer in Rumelange, the 4th Present Yourself event was held, organised by the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster.

These events aim to give the opportunity not only to new cluster members to present themselves but also to exchange ideas between all members, find synergies between local industrialists and foster business development.

The goal was also to present greater region technological assets and as a result the IRT-M2P, the technological research Institute of Metz, focusing on materials, metallurgy and processes was invited as keynote speaker.

Most of the 8 pitching companies focused on advanced technologies related to the factories of the future. Among them 3 start-ups: Evvos, providing high tech sensors and data analytics; Wizata supporting artificial intelligence and process improvement, and Virtual Rangers, providing augmented and virtual reality solutions for the industry.

“After the event I spoke to a few of the participants and think we may get some interesting leads”, Evvos’ CEO Georgi Taskov enjoyed.

“The introduction meeting was for us a rich experience and we had the chance to meet interesting professionals”, Wizata’s CEO Jean-Philippe Hugo added.

Industry 4.0, a national priority in Luxembourg

Mekitech, offers not only machines and tools for the machining industry but also smart factory solutions for Industry 4.0.

Product optimisation simulation was also a key focal point of the discussions, which was demonstrated by SISTO Armaturen and the University of Luxembourg’s department of computational mechanics which showcased their expertise.
Finally, global players also took part in the presenting session: key suppliers of the automotive sector, Kiswire and Glanzstoff presented their expertise and advanced processing technologies.

The networking session organised after the presentations allowed new and older cluster members to exchange ideas on strategic projects and find interesting contacts for future collaboration. This is also the mainspring of the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster. “It was a very nice and relaxed event. I had the opportunity to make many new contacts. So it’s great!”, Matthieu Bracchetti, Founder & Business Developer at Virtual Rangers, stated

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Innovate together: Promote cross-border collaboration between companies and projects in the Greater Region


The competitiveness clusters Materalia (FR), MecaTech (BE), Skywin  (BE) and the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster by Luxinnovation (LU) are joining forces in order to promote technological collaborations between their members.
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Webinaire Présentation des nouvelles aides aux investissements des entreprises dans l’ère du Covid-19


Dans le cadre de l’initiative “Neistart Lëtzebuerg” pour soutenir la relance économique, le Gouvernement luxembourgeois a acté une nouvelle loi visant à stimuler les investissements des entreprises à l’ère du Covid-19.
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