Congratulations Sasha! What does this recognition mean to you?

Sasha Baillie is the xth most influential decision maker in the 2022 Paperjam Top 100 rankingSasha Baillie: Being selected by the Paperjam Top 100 jury amongst so many dedicated and clever people in our country who endeavour to move the economy forward is a great honour.

This means so much to me since I have always been driven by a sense of purpose for this country.

This means so much to me since I have always been driven by a sense of purpose for this country. To me this is a recognition of the effort to connect the many actors within our economy – public and private – and bring out the very best in us and thus move the country forward.

What motivates you to move forward as a leader?

Being able to share my experience and knowledge with others and thus enable and empower them to carry out purpose-driven initiatives that benefit the country.

What experiences from your career do you consider as the most valuable ones for your current leadership position?

My career has been marked by having to take up positions and jobs in often unfamiliar territory. This has taught me to listen, learn and understand, whilst not holding back when I have a point to make and opinion to express. Having to frequently step out of my comfort zone has been a key factor throughout my career.

2022 has been an eventful year. Are there any specific moments that you will carry with you in the years to come?

This is the year we began to implement our Luxinnovation strategy that we developed and adopted all together within Luxinnovation the previous year. Seeing how this strategy comes to life this year has been remarkable. Our teams have taken full ownership of the strategy and use it as a compass in every activity or project they engage upon. It has given each one of us within our organisation a true sense of purpose, of being part of something greater and being able to make a difference. This is wonderful to observe.

Our teams have taken full ownership of the strategy and use it as a compass in every activity or project they engage upon.

With regard to a specific moment, having been able to offer two Ukrainian nationals interesting and stimulating jobs within Luxinnovation in a speedy manner gave me great satisfaction and relief. I was particularly proud of my colleagues at Luxinnovation who welcomed them and gave them the support and environment that allowed Inna and Viktoriia to be appreciated for who they are, for their skills, their experience, their points of view. They have enriched our organisation.

Photo: © Luxinnovation/Laurent Antonelli

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Mapping the sustainability enablers


What technologies, solutions and skills can companies count on in their efforts to become more sustainable? Benefitting from its expertise in mapping different economic sectors, Luxinnovation has recently published a mapping of sustainability enablers in Luxembourg.
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Pôle Automobile Européen: Strengthening cross-border automotive cooperation


After 4 years of intense activity, the Interreg project Pôle Automobile Européen (PAE) came to an end in December 2022. A final event took place in Strasbourg in the presence of the five Belgian, French and Luxembourg partners and five German associated partners under the coordination of the CCI Grand Est. Anthony Auert, manager of the Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster, gives an update on the results of the project.
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A new manager for the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster


On 16 January 2023, Kristian Horsburgh joined Luxinnovation as the new manager of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster. Passionate about the intersection between creativity and business, he is looking forward to helping the sector develop further and find new synergies with other segments of the Luxembourg economy.
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Two first Luxembourg start-ups receive EIC Accelerator funding


The European Commission recently announced that Arspectra and Circuli-ion have been awarded funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator. This is the most prestigious funding available for start-ups from the EU’s Horizon Europe programme. Luxinnovation supported the first-ever EIC Accelerator winners from Luxembourg during the application process.
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A framework for sustainable innovation


Sustainability and long-term competitiveness go hand in hand – but sustainability is a vast concept, and it is not always easy for companies that want to raise the bar in this field to know where to begin. In order to provide inspiration and guidance, Luxinnovation has published a framework for sustainable innovation.
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