LISER (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research)  is organising an online survey between 11 and 29 February, sponsored partly by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the University of Luxembourg, with the aim of estimating the level of satisfaction with public transport and mobility in the country.

Participation in the survey is anonymous and is intended to the entire population (over 16 years of age), whether workers, students, pensioners or high school students, both cross-border commuters and Luxembourg residents.

The 30 survey questions are organized into three major parts:

  • the current behaviour with regard to travels
  • satisfaction with public transport
  • the future intention to use public transport


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Enabling the wide-scale transformation of mobility


Several unique test sites in Luxembourg are open to companies that develop next-generation mobility solutions for the European market.
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Digital: what to expect in 2020?


A new year, a new decade! This is the dashing occasion for the usual-yet-fascinating expectations of what 2020 has in store. In this article, we will put a magnifying glass on the digital trends that are relentlessly unwinding in front of us this year, and with a specific focus on European innovation funding related content.
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Artificial intelligence for the benefit of all


In May 2019, the Luxembourg government presented its strategic vision for artificial intelligence. The main priority of the Prime Minister and Minister for Digitalisation is to ensure that this extremely powerful technology will bring advantages to everyone.
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The automotive sector at a crossroad


Soft mobility, autonomous driving, green vehicles... The automotive sector plays a major role in today’s social considerations. Enough to keep Anthony Auert and the Luxembourg Automobility Cluster that he heads, very busy.
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Mobility innovation in the Greater Region


Luxembourg is part of Europe's largest cross-border automotive network consisting of over 500 automotive companies. Leading companies, researchers and political decision-makers provide insights on mobility innovation in the recently published "Autoregion International" magazine.
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