In addition to an unprecedented economic support package to help all Luxembourg companies face the immediate shortage of cash and maintain employment, many particularly suitable for young innovative companies, the Luxembourg government also launched a call for projects aimed at supporting ecosystem initiatives to develop innovative solutions to tackle the health and economic crisis.

More than 300 startups applied to the StartupsvsCovid19 programme. The responsiveness and creativity of startups in proposing innovative solutions in this context were impressive. This is a sign of a mature ecosystem that fully fulfils its role as a driver of innovation for the economy, but also for society and the healthcare system.

A COVID-19 training simulator for healthcare, a mobile application for a restaurant to manage workflow and reduce interaction, a smart handle that self-sanitizes with UV light or a software to avoid shortage of non-urgent ambulance transportation… These are just a few solutions that are being developed by Luxembourg startups and which feature in this video. Above all however, the aim of Startup Luxembourg is to say a big thank you to the entire startup ecosystem.

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Rebuilding the economy for a sustainable future


Sustainability is one of the major market trends identified by Luxinnovation that will shape the post COVID-19 economy. Head of Market Intelligence Sara Bouchon speaks about how the increased awareness of sustainability issues brought by the coronavirus crisis will influence both policy makers’ choices and consumers’ preferences in the next few years.
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How digitalisation will drive growth and transform society


Digitalisation is one of the four megatrends identified by Luxinnovation that will radically transform business and society after the COVID-19 crisis. Market Intelligence Analyst Mohamed Toumi provides insights into how companies will need to transform their activity in the coming years to retain a competitive edge.
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Luxembourg will host the European space resources innovation


A cooperation agreement was signed between the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in view of the creation by the end of 2020, in Luxembourg, of a European Space Resources Innovation Centre, called ESRIC in abbreviated form.
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Webinaire Présentation des nouvelles aides aux investissements des entreprises dans l’ère du Covid-19


Dans le cadre de l’initiative “Neistart Lëtzebuerg” pour soutenir la relance économique, le Gouvernement luxembourgeois a acté une nouvelle loi visant à stimuler les investissements des entreprises à l’ère du Covid-19.
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Innovate together: Promote cross-border collaboration between companies and projects in the Greater Region


The competitiveness clusters Materalia (FR), MecaTech (BE), Skywin  (BE) and the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster by Luxinnovation (LU) are joining forces in order to promote technological collaborations between their members.
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