In March 2017 Phillippe Genot joined Luxinnovation to take over the Wood Cluster management and in June, René Witry was appointed Cluster President. Since then, with the help of the newly composed Cluster Board, an action plan was developed, objectives defined and until now more than 120 members have decided to join the Wood Cluster initiative.

Following the kick-off members meeting at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in September 2017, participant companies regularly assemble every two months for a “meet the member” event, which takes place at the venue of one member or another. The cluster has also participated in several conferences and networking opportunities throughout the year in Luxembourg as well as the Greater Region, e.g. Weekend du bois in Luxembourg, Forum Bois Construction in Nancy, or the Holzbau Forum in Cologne. It has been a busy and productive start with much enthusiasm on all sides.

We would like to thank our cluster members and all other involved parties for their support and contributions during the past 12 months.

Looking forward to another successful and exciting year!


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Smart Manufacturing Week in 10 quotes


Here are 10 highlights of the 5th edition of the Smart Manufacturing Week, organised by Luxinnovation from 8 to 10 June 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

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Differdange on the way to climate neutrality


With the support of Luxinnovation, the country's third largest city is participating in the European project to become climate neutral and intelligent.
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A mature and dynamic automotive sector


The mapping presented at the beginning of June provides valuable information about the automotive sector in Luxembourg.
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"Become a consultant for Fit 4 Sustainability"


As part of the implementation of the new programme announced in May by the Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot, Luxinnovation is looking for specialised consultants to support companies. Explanations with Emmanuelle Kipper, Senior Advisor- SME Performance at Luxinnovation.
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5G-Safe-Plus: technologies for road safety


With the support of Luxinnovation, HITEC Luxembourg has joined the international 5G-Safe-Plus project aimed at preventing traffic accidents by providing high-performance communication solutions. The first equipment is being installed on the highways.
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