Since its creation in 1981, CLK has built over 1,200 turnkey homes. In 2018, its turnover exceeded €22 million. The company employs 138 artisans who are regularly trained in new technologies and techniques. “With this motivated team, we are able to offer high quality services to our clients,” explains administrative manager Brigitte Brouwers. Ecology is an essential consideration, and during the past eight years, the company has only built passive houses.

A profession in transformation

CLK uses technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) to optimise the organisation of its construction sites and to show customers their future home in virtual reality already during the design phase. “The construction profession is evolving due to the arrival of new techniques and technologies such as the use of digital models on site. This means that we need to adapt our working methods. It is also necessary that the whole chain be involved in the process, from sales and purchases throughout the building sites, “says Ms Brouwers.

She and her team therefore decided to join Luxinnovation’s Fit 4 Innovation programme in order to receive support while reflecting on their strategic and commercial positioning and to define and implement new processes and tools. The programme consultants first interviewed the various managers. “The analyses pointed in the direction that we expected. However, the indicators put in place revealed some weak points or missing links in our new way of doing things,” says Ms Brouwers.

Working groups were then set up to define action plans for the priority areas, including management control and building site efficiency, purchasing management, business processes and dashboards. The experts also assisted the company in the choice of an ERP, an information system that makes it possible to manage and monitor all the information and operational services of a company on a daily basis. New functions emerged, such as that of a “Purchasing Manager”.

An experience to be repeated

CLK’s Fit 4 Innovation project lasted a total of 18 months and came to an end in December 2018. During this period, the company developed a strategic orientation plan, broken down into an implementation plan for the short, medium and long term. It also strengthened its business processes and improved the organisation of purchases with one central person in charge.

“The consultants gave us advice on how to strengthen innovation within the company with the help of various tools,” notes Ms Brouwers. “Our journey shows our desire to use the latest technological progresses to offer our customers the most comfortable, aesthetic and, above all, sustainable housing possible.”

Finally, how does the manager of CLK summarise the Fit 4 Innovation experience? Her answer is clear: “An experience to be repeated”.

Photos: Blitz/Luxinnovation

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